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MLM social media
July 17, 2019

MLM and Social Media: Where to Focus for Maximum Impact

We get asked all the time about MLM and social media. What’s the best way to promote products through social channels? Is it enough simply to post product links on Facebook? Any MLM social media strategy...

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MLM retention
July 10, 2019

Increase MLM Retention: Focus on These 5 Relationships

We’ve written before about how, in light of recent regulatory investigations, direct selling companies must be more careful than ever to pursue product sales as a primary focus rather than overemphasizing the recruitment of sales...

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Regulatory Oversight
June 26, 2019

Regulatory Oversight: Three Ways to Keep Your Direct Selling Business Above Scrutiny

In recent weeks, one of the largest firms in the direct selling business made some sweeping changes to their business model allegedly driven by FTC regulatory oversight. Based on the FTC’s recent investigation, the firm announced...

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Virtual Party
June 14, 2019

The MLM Virtual Party or Live Event: An Idea That Is Gaining Traction

  The concept is about as old as direct selling: an enterprising sales rep who wants to rake in a bunch of sales in one evening plans a gathering and invites as many of her friends,...

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MLM commission software
June 5, 2019

How the Right MLM Commission Software Can Help You Avoid Paying Twice

  What would you do if tomorrow morning, a nationally-known blogger with 1.2 million followers posted a glowing review of one of your products and provided a link to the product page on your website? Like any...

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MLM Software
May 10, 2019

Real Time Payments: A Must-Have Feature for Your MLM Software

Making payments to sales reps is much more than a simple transaction. Your flexibility in making payments can actually be a major competitive differentiator for attracting new sales reps in our “gig” economy. Just be...

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MLM tools
April 29, 2019

Clawbacks, MLM Tools, and Your Direct Selling Company

Clawbacks.   Sorry to begin this article with a dirty word, but it needed to be said. Nobody likes clawbacks. They usually represent something that went wrong in the processes of your direct sales company. Maybe your...

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direct sales apps
April 17, 2019

Keep New Distributors On Board with the Right Direct Sales Apps

We’ve written before about the fact that when you’re trying to motivate your direct sales reps to sell, you can’t take a carrot-and-stick approach. Why not? Because there’s no stick—nothing you can threaten them with. You...

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MLM back office software
March 29, 2019

Three More Tips for Choosing MLM Back Office Software

What’s keeping your direct sales company from growing the way you want it to? There’s no silver bullet technology solution that can solve all your problems and guarantee that you’ll dominate your market. But the...

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