Prowess MLM Business Intelligence Solutions

The old adage is true: You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Prowess helps you save time and money at every level of your organization with a suite of powerful MLM business intelligence, analytics, administration and solutions development tools. Total configurability and seamless integration put full control of your business back in your hands.

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Make Informed Business Decisions

Gain insights to profitability

  • Easily access, filter and sort the data you need to make better and faster business decisions
  • Customize reports with drag-and-drop ease
  • Build formulas to perform trending, ranking and more
  • Integrate Prowess with other business applications

Administer plans with confidence

  • Define and manage any type of compensation plan, metric and reward with Prowess MLM business intelligence solutions
  • Establish rule-based actions to occur as a result of specific events
  • Change plans on the fly – from complete plan redesign to modeling simple variations
  • Ensure complete revision control with an audit trail of planned changes
  • Gain at-a-glance drill down view of all plan components with sales organization dashboard

Tailor business processes to your needs

  • Easily modify screens and reports to match your specific business processes and organization workflow within changing underlying source code
  • Modify business rules and logic as your business requirements change, while retaining an upgrade path for the future
  • Add new fields and tables and bind to data from any data source
  • Apply changes at a user, department or system-wide level
  • Link to externally written libraries to access thousands of components developed by third parties or your own IT team
  • Prowess MLM business intelligence solutions provide unparalleled flexibility and power

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prowess can make for your company.

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