Tips for motivating distributors to succeed

Back to News September 14, 2020

Tips for motivating distributors to succeed

?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????Not too long ago we discussed how to increase distributor retention rates. This is because retention rates are often low in the MLM industry. It can be easier to get new people excited about products, especially when they’re getting extraordinary promotional deals by joining. However, retaining these distributors can be tough. This may be because distributors lose their passion for it, aren’t sure how to sell the product, or feel defeated.

If you want to retain your distributors, it’s important to know how to motivate them. In the previous blog, we discussed incentives and technology you can use to improve these retention rates. However, in this blog, we’re going to discuss additional things you can do to retain these distributors in the form of motivating them.

As mentioned above, many distributors leave MLM businesses because they feel defeated. If they’re not making a lot of sales, they may end up giving up. They may not know what to do or how to do it and figure it’s just not working for them. This is why it’s important for company leadership to set an example. Leadership needs to take steps that inspire distributors in order to boost retention and improve sales.

As a leader, you can motivate MLM distributors in a variety of ways. You can reach out occasionally to check in on them and see how they’re doing. You can congratulate them on any successes and thank them for all of the efforts they put into a job, regardless of a successful sale or not. It’s important that your distributors feel that they are appreciated for the hard work they’re putting forth. Otherwise, they’ll be less likely to stick around. Give your distributors positive feedback and offer them helpful pointers if you have ideas or suggestions that could benefit them.

As a leader, you should also share success stories with your distributors. Success stories provide hope and motivation that can, in turn, be used to set and reach goals. It’s also important that you set aside plenty of time to get to know your distributors. When you build a personal relationship with your team, there’s a greater sense of respect and camaraderie.

Motivating your distributors to succeed isn’t always easy, but if you change your leadership style and really focus on creating a “team” mentality, positive changes are sure to take place. When your distributors are happy and motivated, they’re also more likely to close additional sales. Good luck!


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