Sales reps can benefit from using a business page on social media

Back to News February 22, 2021

Sales reps can benefit from using a business page on social media

Smiling young asian businesswoman using computer working onlineOne of the things you may see some of your sales reps doing is pushing products on their personal social media accounts. While it’s important to be present on social media, this isn’t the best route for finding clients. A more professional route for your sales team to take it to create a business page.

Personal social media accounts are used for multiple posts. A person may share news articles they read, post about their political beliefs or share photos of their family.

However, if your sales team uses their personal social media accounts to push sales, it can turn off friends, family members and acquaintances. Plus, it may be harder for friends and family to take the venture seriously when the promotions are mixed in with all of the personal content.

Your sales reps should create their own business page on social media. This will help them look more professional. Anyone following this page will expect to learn about the products and the business. Of course, it’s important to try to mix up promotional posts with related content to keep people interested. Like the quote by David Beebe says, “Content marketing is like a first date. If you only talk about yourself, there won’t be a second one.” Sales reps should post how the company can provide solutions for their target market, but they should mix it up with other things like blogs, articles, and inspirational content.

When creating custom content for your business page, select images that are high-quality and professional. You don’t want an image taken with poor lighting or a disorganized background. You should include videos in your content mix as well. Videos – live or recorded – can be a great way to engage more followers.

Posting videos is similar to posting pictures. Make sure you have a good background and adequate lighting. You’ll also want to test your microphone and recording equipment to make sure viewers can hear you clearly.

If a person comments on one or more of your posts and asks a question, respond with a direct message. Direct messages allow you to customize your response. Now, obviously, if it’s a response that wouldn’t change depending on the person, then replying under the post is fine. The most important thing is to make sure to respond to comments in order to gain more traction. When a new person comments it could be an opening to a sales opportunity. When a previous customer comments, it could be a way to build loyalty.

There are plenty of ways for sales reps to utilize social media to help grow their brand. Encourage your sales team to start a business page on social media and to target the people who would be most interested in their products. Also, let sales reps know it’s OK to occasionally share a post about their business page on their personal account. So, once in a while, the sales rep could post something about visiting their business page to learn more about the products they have to offer and mention why a person may want to follow their page.

This can be a great way to get more people to follow the business page and help the sales rep grow. They could also invite some of their friends to their business page, but should probably specifically target those who would be more likely to have an interest in what’s being offered.

As you can see, a business page will not only help a sales rep look more professional but allow them to write posts for a targeted audience that is choosing to see their content.


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