Reaching younger customers in 2021

Back to News May 10, 2021

Reaching younger customers in 2021

Professional young business team in conferenceOver the last year, engaging millennials and Gen Z has become more of a challenge, as many young people felt the pinch as a result of the coronavirus. They might have cut back on discretionary spending and/or saved to mitigate uncertain times. However, multiple vaccines on the market currently offer hope in more ways than one. Now is the time to market to these segments of the population again. In order to successfully do that, it’s important to keep the following in mind:

Bring your A game online
Gens Y and Z grew up with the internet. That means they’re digital natives and at home with virtual experiences. The pandemic only made them more inclined to conduct business virtually. So whether it’s a virtual launch party or VIP Facebook group, don’t be shy about continuing to invest in upping your online game.

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Revisit pricing
In light of the pandemic-fueled recession, many young consumers had to make some tough decisions about their purchases. Value and affordability took center stage as they scrutinized their budgets. In 2020, the global average annual gross income of people aged 25-29 dropped by 6% in real terms. The lesson for direct sales professionals here? Offering products at multiple price points works better than a one-size-fits marketplace.

Tap into values and priorities
On the consumer side, COVID-19 prompted new routines and an interest in wellness, self-improvement and new ways of doing things. If your product offers health benefits or makes your prospects’ lives easier, convey that message loud and clear. The post-pandemic world won’t be the same, and brands must find ways to position themselves as problem-solvers to stay relevant.

Take a stand
Perhaps more socially conscious than their parents or grandparents, Gen Y and Z expect companies to take a stance on social and environmental issues. On a related note, younger consumers expect businesses to be more visible, active and transparent. They don’t hesitate to boycott brands that do not mirror their values and will align with ones that do.

Do you have a strategy for reaching Gen Y and Gen Z? We’d love to hear how you’re innovating.


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