MLM Automation: What Can It Do for Your Business?

MLM automation
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MLM Automation: What Can It Do for Your Business?

Personal connections are what make direct selling businesses thrive. The depth of trust and influence that gets a real person to try a new line of skin care products or a nutritional supplement based on the recommendation of her next-door neighbor or best friend is core to our business.

Still, we have to ask: is there a way to drive even more from the relationships you have? MLM automation can amplify the reach and impact of your team in wonderful ways.

We’re not talking about automating the process of finding new customers or bringing on motivated distributors, because these activities will always revolve around using human intuition and leveraging the connections we’ve been building for years. We’re talking about automating some of the activities that help grow and strengthen these connections.

We believe that when it’s applied correctly, MLM automation can enhance these activities for any direct selling firm. Here’s how.


Using Automation Strategically in Direct Selling

If you’re thinking about ways in which MLM automation could help your direct selling company have a greater impact with less manual effort, the best thing you can do is stop thinking about technology for a few minutes and start thinking about your desired outcome. Start by asking yourself what outcome you’re trying to drive. And then align your resources, people, processes, and technology in such a way that you drive that outcome consistently.

Here’s an example that could apply to any business—not just a direct selling firm. You’ve probably noticed that many types of companies send out cards and emails to their clients. If you’re their customer, you’ll get a Seasons Greetings outreach in December. If they know your birthday, you’ll get an email from them around that time of year, too. Maybe there will also be something at Thanksgiving, and on another occasion or two throughout the year.

What’s the point of all this communication? What’s the desired outcome? The company wants to make you feel closer, appreciated, and thought-about throughout the year.

Now, you could assign staff members to keep track of the calendar events that drive these communications. Or, with the proper tools, you can automate all of them. Nearly every predictable piece of communication can be driven from templates and sequence triggers that make the whole process automatic.


Before You Implement MLM Automation, Sharpen Your Focus

Good MLM automation follows the same basic idea as the holiday and birthday example just described. You determine the outcome you want. You evaluate the ways to get to that outcome. And then you figure out the best ways to automate some or all of the activities involved in driving that outcome.

Thatcher’s Prowess platform provides many functions that support MLM automation and can help extend your reach with customers and distributors while streamlining your workload.

In our next article, we’ll take a closer look at the types of automation that are available to you now and how you might deploy them strategically to drive better results.


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