Encourage your sales team to set goals

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Encourage your sales team to set goals

41332292 - group of hands holding word goalsWe know that one of the difficulties that MLM companies often face is the high turnover rates of their sales team. These representatives get excited about the initial deals they receive from joining and potential for growth but quickly lose steam.

Unfortunately, these high turnover rates aren’t doing MLM companies any favors. Thankfully, one of the ways that you can help your sales team stay motivated is by encouraging them to set goals. Goals can help them stay focused and have something to strive for. Plus, when a preconceived goal is achieved it will feel that much greater.

When your salespeople are getting started, encourage them to set various goals. They can set short-term and long-term goals for what they want to achieve. It can be beneficial if you offer incentives for reaching certain goals too. Maybe you offer a freebie, added points toward freebies, or an increased sales percentage. There are several ways you can incentivize your sales team to continue moving forward and upward.

To help your sales team further, provide tips and insights on how to achieve goals. Encourage your sales staff to think about what they want to accomplish and have them write it down. We recommend that they write down a few goals, ones they can achieve quickly and others they can reach down the road. This way they have attainable goals that they can achieve now and goals to look forward to.

It’s a good idea if your sales team posts their immediate goals somewhere that they’ll see them often, as a reminder. They should also share their immediate goals with others so there’s accountability. Encourage your team to plan out ways to achieve the goals they’ve written down, including the actual steps they can take. Then, remind them to move forward.

Also, encourage your sales team to celebrate every time they achieve one of their goals. Not only does it feel good, but it gives them another reason to continue striving.

When your sales team meets their goals, it helps them further their career and make more sales. It also helps them feel more accomplished and satisfied with their job. This can assist in reducing turnover rates which is simply good business.

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