What is MLM software and how can it help your brand?

Back to News January 8, 2021

What is MLM software and how can it help your brand?

Sales Growth GraphWondering what multi-level marketing (MLM) software is and how it can help your business? For companies in the MLM industry, software is needed in order to keep everything accounted for.

In any business, it can be difficult to track inventory, let alone in an MLM company. You have numerous distributors and customers, and various transactions being made. It’s complicated and near impossible to keep it all straight without software.

MLM software does almost anything you need it to. You can rely on it for accurate accounting, to keep tabs on consumers and distributors, to help with managing promotions, to keep track of inventory, print reports, make sales and more.

MLM software makes things easier for your organization’s leaders, distributors and customers. It streamlines sales and distributor payouts. It also helps you stay in compliance with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Great MLM software is typically easy to use and can be integrated with other software applications and websites. MLM software also offers companies security to help protect funds and valuable information. In addition, the software is always on hand as long as there’s internet access.

But why are we telling you this? We believe so strongly in the effectiveness of MLM software that we offer Prowess. This is the industry’s most powerful, configurable and scalable direct selling, party plan and MLM software. Our solutions are designed to help your company grow. You can easily keep everyone informed and engaged. The software offers elegant, robust support tools. And, even though it has complex offerings, it’s effortless to manage.

Our program is designed to be customizable and scalable, which means it can be designed to fit your organization and grow with it. It’s also mobile-friendly, which can empower your distributor salesforce to run their business anytime, anywhere, on any device.

At Thatcher Technology, we provide a full complement of MLM software services. Our skilled professionals work with clients through every step to assess needs, recommend cost-effective solutions and deliver superior product and integration services.

By working alongside you, we can make sure you’re getting software that will meet your needs every step of the way. Our MLM software services include: implement services, development services, report writing, support and client care. We invite you to learn more on our website and to reach out to us. We’re happy to answer your questions and discuss your MLM software needs.


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