Stay competitive with our direct sales apps

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Stay competitive with our direct sales apps

SalesWe’ve told you before about our Prowess CRM MLM Solutions and how they can boost sales and distributor retention. Now we want to get into the nitty-gritty and share with you all of the ways our direct sales apps and tools are used to build, monitor and maintain complex compensation and geneology plans with ease.

Our direct sales apps and tools offer automated incentive and recognition programs. You can seamlessly increase recruiting and retention while encouraging the behavior that drives your business.

First off, you can define an unlimited number of upline and downline levels and free-form business fields. You can include the biographical information for each salesperson. There’s an unlimited amount of addresses and contacts that can be stored. You can set up recurring and manual adjustments and optimize the process flow for efficient service and support. In addition, you can view programs at a glance via a comprehensive dashboard.

Our apps also support multiple plans, unlimited management levels and corporate-defined compensation periods. You can maintain promotions, demotions, relinquishments and reactivations with just a few keystrokes. You’re also able to access complete viewable history and audit trail on every commission run. You can calculate commissions, overrides and bonuses easily and accurately. In addition, it provides complete detailed commission statements in required currency.

You use the direct sales apps to define an unlimited number of creative incentive programs, including fast-start programs, sales contests, product promotions and more. Support period-based, milestone and career incentives with the apps. You can also forecast awards and minor progress against budgets. Easily adjust live incentives to realign sales team behavior and achieve corporate objectives.

As you can see, our direct sales apps have a lot of features. You can also define programs that recognize various achievements, empower your field to set personal goals and integrate recognition via events/action to automatically record achievement. In addition, you can control when prizes are released and when achievers are notified. You can monitor and manage achievers from a comprehensive dashboard.

You’ll have the power to motivate your field with personalized letters, cards and emails for performance milestones. The apps provide real-time information on progress and stations and visibility for team leaders to monitor downline performance. You can capture all printed and non-printed communications with an electronic content library. Also, you’re able to integrate and exchange data with other business applications quickly and easily.

After reading this, you can see why our direct sales apps can boost sales and improve distributor retention. There are so many features that can help you stay competitive. Visit our website to learn more today.


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