Growth in direct sales starts here

Back to News March 16, 2020

Growth in direct sales starts here

97432295 - crowdfunding money concept banner design with money and idea in potDid you know that about 40 percent of Americans have a side hustle of some sort? Regardless of the situation, some people pursue these ventures with the goal of turning their direct sales venture into a full-time pursuit.

Many people are able to make the leap, but not without having certain key pieces in place prior. That said, if you decide to give it a go, be mindful of the following considerations:

Is your business capital heavy? How will you get to that next level without the necessary resources? Money certainty is an important factor in this quest. But how can you finance your expenses in a way that makes sense? Hint: Credit cards aren’t the answer.

Regardless of your business need, Thatcher Technology Group is committed to helping you meet your business needs at every stage—from startup through rapid growth. That’s why we’ve connected with a network of finance partners that can help power your success.

Mental health
We don’t talk enough about mental health as it relates to entrepreneurship. This lifestyle can weigh on people and manifest in depression, anxiety and other conditions. The reality is that starting or scaling a business can be isolating. You might find your own friends and family make critical or negative comments. Or you may be your own worst critic. It’s important to exercise, get adequate rest and eat a balanced diet — and seek help if you need to talk to a professional. After all, no man is an island!

You may feel confident in your abilities, but keep in mind that mentors can be invaluable in your growth trajectory. No matter how much success you enjoy, you’ll have blind spots. Recruiting, for example, is something few solopreneurs have experience with. Don’t let your ego preclude you from personal growth.

How do you stack up in these categories? Know that we’re in your corner and want to enable your growth. Direct selling businesses need reliable ways to maximize sales team productivity, optimize organizational efficiency, and empower sustainable growth. Thatcher Technology Group provides the direct sales software that makes it possible. Our technology and business process experts deliver the Prowess suite of solutions—the most comprehensive, adaptable direct selling software on the market.

Since 1999, we’ve partnered with direct selling businesses of all sizes, across all markets. By delivering the latest technology, we enable you to work the way you want to work, find insights within your data, tap into emerging markets around the globe, and team up with your customers and distributors to change the world for the better.


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