Grow your dream team in 2021

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Grow your dream team in 2021

93269465_MWhere would you be without your team? Probably not at your current level. A sales force is the lifeblood of any direct sales enterprise. You told yourself 2021 would be the year you’d grow your team by leaps and bounds. Where do you stand with this pursuit? If you’re struggling with motivation, sometimes it helps to get out of your head for a few minutes. Take a few pointers from the highest achievers in the direct sales space and consider these tips for more successful recruiting:

1. Empower your field to be successful.
The onus is on you to ensure your field can prosper. That means providing them with the right tools and resources. You might need to invest marketing dollars in this area to really move the needle. Also, take care to create and push out a consistent message for recruiting — one they can employ in their own efforts. They can’t do it alone.

2. Begin with the end in mind.
Before you can really find success in attracting quality people, you need to be intentional in determining WHO you are recruiting. For instance, are you looking to convert loyal customers into your sales force? Seasoned leaders? Retirees looking to keep busy? College students in need of some spending money? Each of these segments will respond to a different type of marketing messaging and images. They also frequent different spaces. Knowing who you are trying to reach (and how) is really the first order of business.

3. Look for those who are compatible with your culture.
The most successful recruiting teams and companies are those who seek out like-minded individuals. That is to say you need to find those people who are already “sold” on the lifestyle or image you’re selling. This could mean customers who like and use similar products or those who are committed to a particular consumer niche. Say, clean or eco-friendly ingredients. Once you know who fits into your culture, be sure to use language that resonates with them.

In short, growth happens by design. No man is an island — you need people in your corner to get there. We’re up to the challenge. If you’re looking for reliable, high-end technology services, please contact us at Thatcher Technology. Our Prowess platform gives you the direct sales apps and tools to build, monitor and maintain even complex compensation and genealogy plans easily and with confidence. With automated incentive and recognition programs, you can seamlessly increase recruiting and retention while encouraging the behavior that drives your business.


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