Good vibes: How to find motivation when the going gets tough

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Good vibes: How to find motivation when the going gets tough

Photo of adorable asian female worker 20s wearing white shirt and earbud smiling while sitting at table in office, and working on laptopWhether you have business in been business for 10 months or 10 years, it’s easy to fall into a rut. We all struggle with motivation from time to time. The secret is to find ways to stay motivated, productive and passionate every day on the job, so that you don’t let your business suffer. Here are some thoughts on keeping morale high when you’re struggling:

Keep the end in mind

The most high-performing people are goal-minded. At the beginning of the day (or the evening before), make a short list of tasks you have in mind for the day ahead. They should align with your long-term goals. The feeling of accomplishment that comes with checking off a task can energize you.

Start the day with self care

Many successful people swear by a consistent morning routine to center them for what’s to come. Maybe it’s a cup of coffee, morning jog, meditation, etc. Whatever your pleasure, give yourself some time to tune out the world for a few moments so you can tackle whatever comes your way with a clear mind.

Have an accountability partner

Everyone needs a buddy — in business and in life. Join forces with a person or group of people who support your goals and are willing to provide candid feedback when it’s critical. The right tribe will help you see the bigger picture and celebrate wins alongside you. Make sure you return the favor, too!

Stay organized

Like it or not, our work spaces reflect and affect our mental state. How does yours rate? Is it a complete mess or tidy? Can you easily retrieve documents? Also, be mindful of your workflow. Work on one or two tasks at a time instead of taking on everything at once. Doing fewer tasks well will work better for you in the end. After all, multi-tasking is a myth!

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