Empower your sales force with Prowess MLM CRM solutions

Back to News September 10, 2020

Empower your sales force with Prowess MLM CRM solutions

21035593 - stairs going  upwardYour salespeople are the moneymakers of your business. They are the ones that find new clients and bring on new distributors. They help your products get out the door to a wider audience base. However, it’s not always easy to retain them.

Thankfully, with the right technology, you can help your sales force do their job more efficiently. Technology can help them feel more satisfied with their work and boost retention rates. The right technology can also make it easier for people to purchase your products. Overall, investing in technology can improve your bottom line, and every business wants that.

We’d like to take this time to introduce you to Prowess MLM CRM and sales empowerment solutions. These solutions can help your salesforce conduct business the way they want –– with efficiency and confidence. Prowess offers customizable solutions and improves the sales experience.

Prowess allows you to easily track sales and recruit prospect inquiries. It enables you to route leads to salespeople who meet specific criteria that you establish. It also provides your sales force with specific steps to convert leads into recruits and parties. And it provides the ability to accept, reject and refer leads.

Prowess also allows you to create user-defined pricing and promotion strategies. You can set price overrides by categories and support coupon functionality. The software also allows you to base promotions on order totals, cart SKUs and previous purchases. In addition, it supports discounts and rebates based on title or rank.

You can streamline the party planning process with Prowess. Using a host portal, your sales force can manage the party planning process with step-by-step instructions. They can utilize custom themes for electronic invitations and easily import addresses from personal email address books. They’ll also be able to maximize reach by promoting invitations on social media and allowing invites to be forwarded. In addition, they can allow outside orders from non-attendees, boosting sales potential.

The shopping experience is enhanced by Prowess. The software supports unlimited variations of host programs. It simplifies order entry and reduces workforce overhead. Prowess makes ordering easy with personal website shopping and a corporate e-commerce platform. You can offer multiple shopping experiences, including MLM, party plans, preferred custom programs and subscriptions. Shipping is optimized with a scheduling dashboard.

Your sales force is mobile, so your technology and payment solutions should be too. Prowess includes native iOS and Android apps, allowing your sales reps to conduct business anywhere, at any time on any device. Prowess keeps your sales force informed and aware with instant alerts, messaging and late-breaking news from the office.

Your sales team can transform any personal interaction into a storefront opportunity with mobile point-of-sale capability, including credit card swipe, card present transactions and integrated ordering.

You want your sales team to be able to do their job well. When they’re successfully making sales, your products are moving which improves your bottom line. So, consider giving them the tools they need to succeed with Prowess MLM CRM and sales empowerment solutions. Please contact us to learn more.


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