#Couples goals: How to cowork with your partner

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#Couples goals: How to cowork with your partner

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Pandemic or not, chances are you work out of your home. That’s the beauty of direct sales, after all. You can work anywhere and anytime. But what if your partner also works out of your home? Ensuring you’re both successful in this regard will require some intentionality and planning. That said, here are some tips from seasoned MLM professionals who also share their home office:

Manage expectations
Laying firm ground rules will help you navigate the work-from-home landscape. When and where will you each work? No one wants to feel cramped or like they’re inconveniencing another. That’s why it’s critical to be clear about the guidelines for work hours and location. For instance, you might need to have several hours of uninterrupted work, but what happens if your spouse wants to work from the kitchen table while you’re making lunch. Or you have to work late and he or she wants to watch a movie? It’s all about communication. Just be clear about your needs and extend the same courtesy to your partner.

Budget in breaks
Whether a coffee break or a set lunch hour each day, it’s important to account for time to catch up during the workday. That way you can hold space for your partner even if your schedules are hectic.

Maintain balance
Similar to the point above, you need to be the master of your schedule or work will inevitably consume you. Set boundaries so that you can nurture your relationship. For instance, maybe every Tuesday is pizza and a movie night. You both should block that time out so that you can enjoy a healthy work-life balance.

The same goes for your “me time.” Solo recharge time is important for you individually and for the good of your relationship. So take that bath or schedule that massage. Your mental health depends on it.

Reframe the situation
If things get tense at home, you might use working from home as an opportunity to bring you closer together. Such an arrangement can be a means to educate each other on your respective work and contributions. Sometimes there’s a disconnect about what you do all day because you don’t go into an office. However, a few minutes is all it takes to explain how you earn your livelihood.

You’re bound to encounter challenges but having a game plan in place can mean the difference between defusing tension or not. You’ve got this!


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