Celebrating 20 Years of Providing Direct Sales Consultant Tools at Thatcher

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Back to News October 9, 2019

Celebrating 20 Years of Providing Direct Sales Consultant Tools at Thatcher

It’s been twenty years since Thatcher Technology Group was founded by a group of industry professionals, with expertise in building enterprise grade solutions. That expertise and detail has been at the heart of every version of our MLM software platform since the very beginning.

We didn’t start Thatcher so that we could operate like every other software company. Instead our guiding principles have focused not only on our product but also on the services and effort we employ toward building lifelong partnerships with our customers.

As we begin our 21st year, we are excited about the opportunities that direct selling provides and how our systems and services can continue to empower entrepreneurs to grow their businesses. The direct selling industry is dynamic and constantly evolving, so our clients reap the benefits of our continuous innovation.

We’re grateful and proud that we’ve been able to reach the 20-year mark in an industry where so many new development shops sputter along for a couple years and then go out of business. But we also don’t want to give you the impression that we’re resting on our laurels. Looking back to our past is only valuable if it helps us refine our focus for the future.

In what ways will we draw on our current strengths to deliver more valuable direct sales consultant tools in the years to come? I believe the answer lies in our development approach, our global expansion, our strong partnerships, and our industry involvement.


How Agile Development Enables Us to Offer More

We run an agile development shop that’s constantly putting new features into our direct sales consultant tools and releasing this functionality every two to three weeks.

Do they appreciate it? Several of our clients are among the largest names in direct selling and have been with us for most of our history. Many other clients have been with us for at least 10 years. They’re all used to collaborating with us to find new ways to build their businesses.


We Think Beyond Borders

Direct selling is growing overseas, and we’re there doing the same. We’re actively expanding our presence in Europe, South America, Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom, and Asia.

Wherever we go, we’re completely confident our product can dynamically scale to support growing companies. Our direct sales consultant tools have been installed with more than 70 clients—and each company has found our feature set to be one of the strongest in the market.

If your direct selling company is thinking global, you should know that we’re one of the few direct selling software companies that can support true cross-border sales. We also offer a robust incentive and compensation engine to back it up. This scalability is one of the reasons our largest clients have partnered with us for the long term.

We not only support multiple languages and currencies, but can also do that within the same country. For example, we support both English and French in Canada. Users have complete control over language, right down to the buttons, labels, and headings on every page of the back office and website.


Got a Unique Need? Ask Our Partners!

One of the many lessons we’ve learned throughout our 20-year history is that no matter how comprehensive we make our platform, there will be certain functions that are best supported by a strategic partner with specific expertise in that area. That’s why we maintain a strong network of partners—trusted companies with deep integration into our platform.


We’ll See You Around the Industry

As one of the oldest providers of direct sales consultant tools, we’re aware that many in the industry look to us for guidance on best practices. That’s why we continue to take a major role in industry groups and events.

We’ve always believed that when the tide comes in, all boats rise. And so as much as we want to land new customers and increase our profits, we also realize this won’t be possible unless we support the direct selling industry’s educational and informational symposiums and conferences. When one direct selling business gets stronger, it generates benefits for all of us in the industry.

We’re confident that the business we’ve worked hard to build for 20 years will be here to help your business thrive for the next 20. Thank you for being part of our journey!


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