Best Practices: The Can’t-Miss Direct Selling Conference of the Year

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Best Practices: The Can’t-Miss Direct Selling Conference of the Year

If you’re looking for a direct selling conference that can help you take your business to a new level, we highly recommend the annual Best Practices Advanced Workshop for Direct Selling. This year’s event will take place October 8-9 in Salt Lake City.

One of the best features of this conference is implied in its name: it’s truly a workshop. In fact, there’s no selling or product promotion allowed there. just candid discussion on the best practices to launch your business or take it through a period of rapid growth.

If you’ve been to another direct selling conference and were disappointed at how everyone just seemed to be selling you their latest solution—or felt that the program was padded with a bunch of feel-good fluff—prepare for a totally different experience at Best Practices.

The Best Practices Alliance that sponsors this event has an attitude that “when the tide comes in, all boats rise.” In other words, if we all help each other out rather than using the conference as a chance to compete for customers, we’ll benefit the direct sales industry as a whole.


Here’s What Makes Best Practices Great

You may be wondering, how did such a conference get started in the first place? It began when a group of companies dedicated to helping direct selling companies succeed, noticed certain patterns in the businesses that failed. Some were profitable but couldn’t grow the business, or they had a great product but focused on the wrong priorities as they built their business.

The Best Practices Alliance gathers groups of industry service providers who have earned a reputation for being forthright and thoughtful about what it takes to succeed in this business. These experts gather together each year at the Best Practices direct selling conference as well as offering other programs throughout the year.

The Best Practice Alliance offers direct selling companies valuable insights on how to launch a business successfully and how to prepare for the explosive growth that can follow. Participants can learn how to build compensation plans that drive the right behavior from your sales reps and the right growth trajectory for your company. The Alliance also drills down into more granular topics such as sales tax and advanced finance. There is also in-depth on how to provide outstanding customer service.

Through panel interviews, guest keynotes, and case study presentations, the Best Practice Alliance gives you the wisdom of the best minds in the industry on a full range of topics. And you can interact with these experts at the Best Practices direct selling conference in roundtables and Q&A sessions.


Meet Thatcher Technology at Best Practices

Thatcher Technology is honored to be a part of the Best Practice Alliance and excited to be sharing our perspective with professionals like you at the upcoming Best Practices direct selling conference. We’re also delighted that our CEO, Dave Siembieda, will be delivering a keynote address at the conference.

You can’t benefit from the Best Practices Advanced Workshop for Direct Selling unless you’re there. Don’t miss out on this one-of-a-kind direct selling conference. Get more information and register today at


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