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direct sales promotion
January 31, 2020

How to Take the Complexity Out of Every Direct Sales Promotion

Ever run a big sale, only to be disappointed by the small sales increase it generated? Ever gone through periods where your current customers simply didn’t seem to be sharing your business with enough new...

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direct sales accounting
January 21, 2020

Direct Sales Accounting: Why Calculating Sales Tax Is Just the Beginning

  As you’ve certainly noticed, direct sales accounting is much more complicated than keeping the books for most other types of companies. When a company first launches, there’s only a limited number of sales reps to keep...

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direct sales business tools
January 16, 2020

Do Your Direct Sales Business Tools Support Your Pricing Strategy?

Your direct sales business tools should help you improve your company’s performance in terms of the three R’s: Revenue, Recruitment and Retention. In other words, your software should help you: Generate more sales among your customer...

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direct sales catalogs
January 8, 2020

Direct Sales Catalogs: Essential Features to Look For

Direct sales catalogs and the controls that configure them enable you to get more of your products in front of customers. The result is a feature-rich shopping experience that delivers larger orders and more repeat...

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direct selling business
December 17, 2019

Direct Selling Business Tips: Keep That Personal Touch with Product Samples

Every direct selling business wants to keep its customers happy. Every direct selling business also wants to give the very best tools to its distributors. What if I told you that the key to doing both...

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direct sales tax tips
December 11, 2019

Sales Tax Tips: Are You Making This Common Mistake?

Our customers often ask us for sales tax tips. We at Thatcher have some definite ideas about how direct selling firms can stay in compliance with rules around collecting and remitting sales tax. For specific...

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direct selling law
November 20, 2019

Direct Selling Law 101: How to Keep the Regulators Happy

  Everyone in our industry is thinking more and more about direct selling law these days. Recent actions by the FTC to crack down on certain direct sales practices have caused many companies to rethink various...

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Direct selling recruitment
November 12, 2019

The Three R’s: How to Optimize Direct Selling Recruitment and More

Concerned about direct selling recruitment? Every direct sales firm seems to be in a never-ending battle to attract more people. Our businesses live and die on their people and the relationships between these people. But...

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automated MLM marketing system
November 6, 2019

What to Expect—and Not Expect— from Your Automated MLM Marketing System

In our previous article, we explored how MLM automation can expand the reach and impact of a direct selling team. We looked at some basic examples of how automation technology can help direct selling firms...

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